Hello everyone!

My name’s Deepak (or as some of you on Twitter might know me, @chuck_gopal) and I’m a cartoonist (of sorts) from Mumbai.

I used to draw comics for this kickass MBA-oriented website called Pagalguy. This blog is an archive of all those comics.

I hope you enjoy them –¬†Apurv (editor at the time) and I had churned out some stuff we were pretty proud of. What started off as a random experiment soon became one of the most anticipated features on the site, and I was overwhelmed by the reaction.


Where do you start?

Why don’t you start with my Top 21? My personal favourites of all of the 102 comics I’ve drawn for the site. (21 = totally arbit number, I know)

Or, explore the archives of the whole (MBA!) Mind Your Business, Anna! series -a series of 82 comics looking at MBA life, pfaffing, IIMs, IIPMs, CAT and more. Please ignore if you’re easily offended about your MBAdom.

If you’re looking at which career to explore, however, I recommend the APLA (A Pagal Look At) series – from marketing to finance, we got it all!

I hope you enjoy yourselves! Do leave feedback :)